The Form+Code class was created and taught by Kyuha Shim in Digital+Media during Wintersession 2012 at RISD.

Nowadays, understanding the new media environment and incorporating computational processes are very important skills that graphic designers need in order to connect their works with current trends and modern culture. There were several reasons for starting this class. There are many programming languages, but it is not easy for graphic designers to choose one appropriate for their needs. It is also difficult to find a scripting tool for graphic designers who are afraid of learning code.

I believe Scriptographer is a more familiar and less intimidating tool for students to start visual programming, because it is run with Adobe Illustrator. New creative possibilities can be opened by incorporating computation in our processes. Illustrator has opened up the possibility of creating and customizing tools, but this hasn’t been fully explored yet. In the class, we focus on learning the computation process and pushing it further.

This website is created for sharing class codes and assignments.

Rhode Island School of Design Winter Semester 2012
Course Number : DM-3102-01 (15125)
Class hours : Studio Monday, Tuesday 01:00PM - 06:00PM
Classroom : CIT/Mason Building, Room 305
Instructor : Kyuha Shim
Students : Graduate : 5 / Senior : 7 / Junior : 2 / Sophomore : 1
Andrew Dixon, Amanda Sim, Cornell Chu, Daniel Giuditta, Eun Jee Kim, Jennifer Lee, Justin Couch, Jun Young Han, Justin Chen, Kathleen Stevenson, Matthew Tsang, Rachel Hallock, Sang Un Jeon, Victoria Hinn, William Denton